• Psychotherapy

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    Some people struggle during certain periods of change or painful times in their lives; others find they have trouble consistently and seek to improve functioning. Regardless of the type of issue, psychotherapy can help.

    Both individual and group therapy can help people heal, grow, and change to enhance interpersonal relationships, to move through painful experiences, and to gain skills for future success. Dr. Lambert uses evidenced-based practices and primarily Cognitive-Behavioral and Behavioral treatment modalities to help clients meet their own needs.

  • Individual Psychotherapy

    You will work one-on-one with Dr. Lambert to process difficult experiences (e.g., divorce, death of a loved one, physical or sexual trauma, or relationship difficulties) or to continue to work on more persistent issues (e.g., personality disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and substance use disorders). Frequency of sessions, interventions in treatment, and length of treatment are determined by therapist and client together.

    Group Treatment

    You will be able to work with Dr. Lambert and a small group of others with similar issues. Available groups include anger management, substance abuse and addictions (adult and adolescent), and behavior management treatment.

    Family Counseling

    The needs of families often change as individuals within the family grow, change, and/or experience good or challenging life events. Working together to solve problems can lead to stronger families and happier individuals. Your family will work together with Dr. Lambert to improve communication and to gain a better understanding of one another and your family as a whole.

    Please contact us with questions about specific treatments offered.